Workplace Affairs (Who’s Watching Who? )

Workplace Affairs (Who's Watching Who? )

Workplace Affairs

( Who’s Watching Who? )


Candace Mumford

The End of Training

Look at this bougie ass bitch right here.” Louis barely whispered to the group of men sitting at the table in the break room. A few of them physically turned around to look at who Louis was speaking about.

You may think her ass is bougie but she’s fine as hell!”Dante’ whispered, hi-fiving Louis from across the table “Goddamn! Look at her body. She’s putting a hurting on that skirt for damn sure.”

Owen raised his striking blue eyes and looked at the object of his co-workers conversation. They aren’t lying that’s for damn sure. Owen thought taking a nice long look at her from behind. While she used the break room microwave, Owen used that time to silently appraise her as well. Keyword being silently. Damn at least I’m trying to take a look at her without being as obvious as these other fools! When she turned around he could see she looked just as good from the front. Smooth, caramel latte’ covered flawless skin. Her hair was smoothed up into a nice professional up-do. Owen guessed her to be about twenty-six years old. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman make a black pencil skirt and white shirt look so damn sexy! Owen watched her smile and laugh at something a female co-worker said to her.

So let me ask you something.” Owen said speaking to the group of three men sitting at the table. “ Why are you calling her a bitch… or a bougie bitch as you put it?”

Because she is! Always walking her ass around here like she’s too good to fucking speak to a nigga!” Louis said not even bothering to hide his contempt for the beautiful young woman.

At that precise moment she turned around and glared at them all before walking out of the break-room with her lunch.

Damn I think she heard you.” Owen said feeling bad about the conversation she must have heard coming from the group of men he’d decided to have lunch with that day. What is up with this dude saying the n-word in front of me? Calling her a bitch? He doesn’t know me from Adam and we’re at work?

All of a sudden Owen felt bad she’d even seen him sitting with them.

Well it’s only my first week here and we don’t really know each other. I’ve never been one to call a woman out of her name for no reason. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect, I just would never do it for no reason and I sure as hell wouldn’t do it at work. What if a supervisor heard you? Maybe she doesn’t speak because she’s heard you all talking about her like she did just now?” Owen said standing up to put the remainder of his lunch in the trash.

Man please! She’s been like that from day one. Every since the first day I tried to holla at her ass! Most of these sistas up in here have a stank ass attitude any damn way. That’s why I stay with a snow bunny on my arm. They know how to treat a brotha right!” Louis said as the other men laughed.

Owen groaned inwardly and pasted a smile on his face “ I don’t know man. That woman seemed liked she has some class. You may not want to “holla” at her. Did you try just saying hello ? Plus if the snow bunnies are treating you so good why are you bothering saying anything to the sistas that work here anyway?” Owen asked as he sat back down at the table.

Louis seemed to be caught off guard with the question. The other guys at the table,men of all races awaited his answer.

Oh you must be one of these white dudes out here running behind black women! Asking me some shit like that.” Louis said with his voice full of contempt and looking at the other black men at the table for support.

Actually I do like black women. I like all women though. If a woman has everything I consider to be a total package for me…I’m gonna check her out. I don’t give a damn what anyone has to say about it either.” Owen said looking at the men at the table.

At any rate…I’m here to work not pick up dates. So my racial preferences in women are neither here nor there.” Owen said smiling and raising up from the table. “ It was nice talking to you gentlemen.” Owen said on his way out of the break-room.

Now see a white muthafucka like that pisses me the fuck off. He’s talking like he’s got just as much of a right to black women as I do!” Louis said to Dante’.

Dante’ looked at Louis like he was crazy.

Well he does. If two people like each other that’s on them. If he decides that’s his woman and she says that’s her man he does have a “right” to that sista…she gave him that right. Shit old boy had a damn point. You out here with these white women… so you say. So why are you always bothering Farrah? You know that slick shit you’re always talking is gonna get your black ass in trouble one of these days. We are at the job you know.” Dante’ said.

Man please. Farrah is not going to say anything about my mouth. She’s like the rest of these black bitches walking around here with their head too high. They’ll talk shit about a black man all day long. About what we is..and what we ain’t. At the end of the day though, they damn sure want a black man by their side. If she was going to complain to someone about me she would have done it months ago.” Louis said confidently.

I don’t understand why you act like you have it in for her though. Farrah’s always been nice to me… when I see her without you that is. I notice she never speaks to me when you’re around. What did she do to you?” Dante’ asked.

Man I’m done talking about that bitch. Are you coming out to smoke?” Louis asked.

Nah. Man I told you I quit three weeks ago. My girl told me it was her or the cigarettes. Needless to say I love my Queen so the smokes had to go.” Dante said laughing.

All right then. I’ll holla at you later.” Louis said grabbing his bottle of water and leaving the break-room.

Walking towards the elevator Louis remembered all too well why he couldn’t stand Farrah Daniels.

Six months ago Farrah and Louis had been working closely on a project. There were four people total on the team but Louis and Farrah often times found themselves doing extra work after hours. Louis didn’t mind volunteering to put in extra hours off the clock if it allowed him to get to know Farrah better. Several times during the course of the project they’d even had a few late dinners together. Well technically they’d only ordered dinner to be delivered to the office,but they were basically dinner dates…right? Louis had been convinced Farrah was interested in him. She always laughed with him while they were working,smiled and genuinely asked him how he was doing in the mornings when they’d arrive at work. Louis had definitely wanted to extend their relationship beyond the job and felt it was time to let her know.

So Farrah I don’t think I have to tell you how much I’ve been feeling you lately.”

Excuse me Louis,what do you mean?” Farrah asked baffled.

I mean I know you feel this vibe between us. This connection. I’m ready to move on it baby. Get us established outside of this job.”

Oh Louis, I’m so sorry. If I said or did anything to give you the wrong impression,I sincerely apologize. I’m not interested in being anything more than your co-worker and hopefully a good friend. That’s it.”Farrah said firmly yet confused as to how he could have misinterpreted anything she’d ever said to him into thinking she was interested in him on a personal level.

Louis stood there momentarily dumbfounded . “ OK. Well Farrah now that I just laid all my cards out on the table for you. What do you have to say. I’d like to take you out. I think we’d make a really good couple.

I’ll have to decline Louis I’m sorry.”

Do you have a boyfriend? I don’t see a ring on your finger.”

Louis I said no. I don’t owe you any other explanation other than the answer I just gave to your question. The answer is no. Period.”

Are you fuckin serious Farrah ? Here I am a nice looking brotha with a job asking you out on a date and you’re standing in my face acting like you’re too good to sit down and have a meal with me?”

Farrah stepped back from him in shock. Has he lost his damn mind? Let me get the hell out of here. Louis sounds like his ass is really going off the deep end right now!

Louis my intentions are not to disrespect you. I’m simply not interested in dating a co-worker. How about we just leave it at that?”

Whatever you black bitch.” Louis spat and stormed off towards the elevators.

Louis spent the remainder of his lunch hour smoking a few cigarettes and plotting how he could convince Farrah Daniels to date him despite the way he’d been treating her the past few months. There was something about Farrah Daniels that he just couldn’t shake.

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