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New ( to me ) YouTube Finds!

Those that have stopped by and read already know that even though I know of YouTube,outside of the occasional music video or makeup tutorial I know nothing of what it really has to offer! A few days ago I happened … Read More

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YAY Miami Heat…I Think?

One topic I will readily admit I know nothing about is sports. All sports….hold on wait a minute! Now I do enjoy watching the Olympics every four years.In my imagination I’m a bomb ass gymnast and I rule track and … Read More

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Good Afternoon!

I’m busy writing but today I’ll be taking plenty of music breaks! Why don’t I start with this hot one .I’m going to update this post all day with what I’m listening to…have a great Friday :)~Candace

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Workplace Affairs (Who’s Watching Who? )

Workplace Affairs ( Who’s Watching Who? ) by Candace Mumford The End of Training “ Look at this bougie ass bitch right here.” Louis barely whispered to the group of men sitting at the table in the break room. A few of them physically turned around to look at who Louis was speaking about. “ You may think her ass is bougie but she’s fine as hell!”Dante’ whispered, hi-fiving Louis from across the table “Goddamn! Look at her body. She’s putting a hurting on that skirt for damn sure.” Owen raised his striking blue eyes and looked at the objectRead more

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My Latest Netflix Obsession

…is Mad Men. I keep trying to figure out why the hell I’m even watching it ? It’s without a doubt a period show set in the 60′s . During the first season I saw maybe three blacks in the … Read More

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Swoon Worthy !

Hey everyone! Now those that know me KNOW I simply adore,adore,ADORE poetry and spoken word. I’ve had the pleasure via various social networking spots to come into contact with some amazing artists. I even host two poetry shows. Two versions … Read More

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So I was asked…

if all I write are books about interracial relationships ? That was part one,the second part was who do I personally date. Can we say nosy? ( Why yes we can! ) But I decided to answer here on my … Read More

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The Conversation

The Conversation Book Excerpt Day 1 Amaya Amaya sat on the edge her new red couch. Looking around the huge apartment full of modern appliances she’d plotted and planned to move into for the last two months…if she had to. Unfortunately the day she’d been avoiding had arrived. Amaya had to go. This is what you needed to do! Amaya said to herself giving her mind and spirit a much needed pep talk. Even though right now, at this very moment she felt like she was teetering on the ledge of a high rise building and about to fall off.Read more

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Hey,I Wrote Some Books!

   candace mumford,Interracial authors,interracial romance authors,interracial bwwm authors,interracial fiction, romance fiction,anc media publishing,fiction,drama,black women romance Pleasing.Professor.Petersen. Released 4/1/12   Tianna’s Truth You were never a mother, I snatched the title from you . The day you started neglecting your responsibilities. You left me to pick up your mess and fend for myself, I was a kid when this fell in my lap. Wondering what I did ? As you fed me daily doses of mental abuse, exhausting me mentally. Yet I pushed on. Got myself scholarships. Got myself away from you. And now… you talk like you miss me? HowRead more

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