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aka Ms. Bam

November 27, 2015

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  Copyright © 2012 By Candace Mumford and A.N.C. Media Publishing This book is purely a work of fiction and the names,characters,places and incidents contained within this body of work are not related to or portraying anyone living or dead. Any similarities are purely coincidental. All rights are reserved. No parts of this Book may be copied, transmitted ,used or sold without the written permission of the Author Candace Mumford or publishing company A.N.C. Media Publishing. The only exception to this clause are Book Samples which are provided for you at various sellers. Also brief quotes may be used inRead more

YAY Miami Heat…I Think?

One topic I will readily admit I know nothing about is sports. All sports….hold on wait a minute! Now I do enjoy watching the Olympics every four years.In my imagination I’m a bomb ass gymnast and I rule track and field! Other than that…nada! So with that being said I do admire all the hard work and dedication these athletes of all sports put into their craft. So congrats going out to the Miami Heat.  

My Latest Netflix Obsession

…is Mad Men. I keep trying to figure out why the hell I’m even watching it ? It’s without a doubt a period show set in the 60’s . During the first season I saw maybe three blacks in the show. One was the elevator man and the other sold sandwiches in the office.The one black female character is the nanny/housekeeper. Well here I am in season two and lo and behold there’s only what I could call a semi-interracial couple. I describe it that way because it’s more alluded to than anything. One of the male characters has a …continue reading

So I was asked…

if all I write are books about interracial relationships ? That was part one,the second part was who do I personally date. Can we say nosy? ( Why yes we can! ) But I decided to answer here on my blog because I’m sure it’s a question some have wondered. Many of my readers are friends of mine on Facebook and there isn’t much I hide there. Everything is open for the world to see…with the exception of one folder with pictures of my kids I think. You see me post pictures of men I think are good looking. So …continue reading