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The Story of Us – Excerpt

  The Story of Us by Candace Mumford “ Baby do you think am I getting big?Tell the truth.” Jazzlyn asked standing in the mirror looking at herself. Tyson looked Jazzlyn over appreciatively. “ No… but your titties and ass look bigger. My baby is making you look even better. Also, don’t add in tell the truth next time. Men know that’s an automatic trap.”Tyson said laughing. “ When are we going to be able to see the baby?” Jazzlyn said anxiously rubbing her still flat stomach. “ Well you’re three months now so it shouldn’t be long baby. WhereRead more

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YAY Miami Heat…I Think?

One topic I will readily admit I know nothing about is sports. All sports….hold on wait a minute! Now I do enjoy watching the Olympics every four years.In my imagination I’m a bomb ass gymnast and I rule track and … Read More

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Good Afternoon!

I’m busy writing but today I’ll be taking plenty of music breaks! Why don’t I start with this hot one .I’m going to update this post all day with what I’m listening to…have a great Friday :)~Candace

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Swoon Worthy !

Hey everyone! Now those that know me KNOW I simply adore,adore,ADORE poetry and spoken word. I’ve had the pleasure via various social networking spots to come into contact with some amazing artists. I even host two poetry shows. Two versions … Read More

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So I was asked…

if all I write are books about interracial relationships ? That was part one,the second part was who do I personally date. Can we say nosy? ( Why yes we can! ) But I decided to answer here on my … Read More

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