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F**K SEX! ( Multi-Author Excerpt )

  When You Wish… by Deidra DS.Green   He kissed her lightly on her back as he thrust his manhood deep inside her willing vessel. She moaned underneath his touch; pushing back to take his fullness in; her back arched for maximum penetration. As he stroked her long and deep she felt her body quiver. The strong sensation of an orgasm on the cusp of being released caused her to push against him harder; wanting to feel him fully. He responded in kind and increased the speed and thrust of his manhood bringing her to the very peak of ecstasy.Read more

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The Pussy Pounders Volume 1 Excerpt

      The Pussy Pounders Volume 1 The Crew Cortez pulled into the driveway of Toni’s townhouse. Parked and walked quickly inside. I’m letting her ass know today I need a break from these damn white women! Cortez thought walking into the kitchen where the other members of the Pussy Pounders were gathered. “ It’s about time you got here! Why are you always the one late?” Toni asked exasperated. “ Look,I was finishing up with Lana. Besides if you know I’m always late, you should be working that into the meeting and already expect it to start thirtyRead more

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New ( to me ) YouTube Finds!

Those that have stopped by and read already know that even though I know of YouTube,outside of the occasional music video or makeup tutorial I know nothing of what it really has to offer! A few days ago I happened … Read More

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YAY Miami Heat…I Think?

One topic I will readily admit I know nothing about is sports. All sports….hold on wait a minute! Now I do enjoy watching the Olympics every four years.In my imagination I’m a bomb ass gymnast and I rule track and … Read More

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