Right Love.Wrong Time.

I’m super excited about this release! It’s slated to be my first release for 2019.


Nakia Marchon fell in love with Di’Carlo Knight when she was just 17 years old. She spent the next six years trying to make him realize she was the one for him. After one last crushing blow to her heart, and her ego she gave up. Nakia knew love wasn’t always easy, but damn was it supposed to be this hard? So she decided to dedicate some time to herself and her new career. So a man she thought was the perfect fit for her came along and life was good. Until Di’Carlo Knight came back on the scene.
Di’Carlo Knight has always been the wild child amongst his family and friends, he did what he wanted when he wanted and had never been one to follow the crowd. When he hooked up with the best friend of his favorite cousin’s girlfriend, by sophomore year of college he knew she was it for him. But it was the wrong time. He had too much to accomplish and many mistakes to make before he could fully commit to one woman for the rest of his life. But when he was finally ready, he knew Nakia would be the one. Di’Carlo just never imagined that when he thought the timing was perfect, life would come crashing down around him and the woman of his dreams would be involved with another man. Was is too late to win the heart of his woman back?

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