Karma Is a Bitch ( A Flash Fiction Story ) – Excerpt

Karma Is a Bitch

Karma Is a Bitch ( A Flash Fiction Story )

These Ho’s
Ain’t Got No

Shit! Why the hell do I keep doing this to myself ? I’ve never thought of myself as a stupid woman. This is one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever made. Hold on let me clarify and at least be honest…I’ve been making this same dumb move for the last six months.
I’m going to keep making it too. Until he’s replaced and I’m good and goddamn ready, I thought,rubbing the remainder of my favorite…well more like Antonio’s favorite brown sugar body butter into my skin. Antonio loves this scent. Always has.
Six years I spent happily married to Antonio…or so I thought. Hell we dated three years before we got married. I was dedicated to his ass and some bitch thinks she’s just going to walk away with the prize ? Oh hell no. Not today. Besides the day Antonio decided to stray from the confines of our marriage vows he stopped being a prize…at least to me.
I know it sounds crazy as hell. Why would I want to keep sleeping with my ex-husband of six months who is now in a “relationship” with the woman who broke up my marriage and he’s laid up with now ? The bitch is even pregnant with his first child.
It’s simple. These ho’s today ain’t got no manners. This whore Donna…is going to learn a lesson her mama should have taught her years ago. Hell,karma is a bitch… and so am I.
I’d just finished moisturizing my skin when my phone rang.
“ Hello?” I answered on the third ring.
“ Is Antonio over there!”
“ Excuse me who’s calling?” I asked knowing full well I knew who the hell it was on my phone.
“ It’s Donna.”
“ Oh hello Donna. What can I do for you?” I asked sweetly.
“ Tanya why are you letting him come over there when you know we’re together now? You know I’m pregnant!”
You see the type of nerve these whores have? The pure audacity of posing a question like that …to me? I told you these ho’s ain’t got no manners!
“ Donna, let me sit down and address you. I just got out of the shower and the only sweat I’m trying to break is when I’m fucking the shit out of your man. Better yet your problem. Donna what would give you the slightest impression I gave two fucks about the problems you’re having out of Antonio?”
“ Why can’t you just leave us alone Tanya?”she asked her voice breaking.
I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that evidently antiquated ideology…leaving another woman’s man alone? Well wouldn’t that be a grand fucking idea..women leaving married men the hell alone!
“ Donna let’s be for real here. Are you the type of woman who should be asking me that?
There was dead silence on the line.
“ Answer my goddamn question Donna. Are you the type of woman who should be asking me a fuckin question like that?”
“ No but..,”
“No but nothing bitch. I don’t give a fuck what you’re going through do you hear me? I don’t care if you’re happy,sad or mad. Now don’t take this the wrong way…but… I don’t give a damn about your baby either. Do you think I’m supposed to have some sympathy for you because you were dumb enough to get knocked up?”
“ Tanya you don’t even want him. Aren’t you just being cruel at this point?”
I paused for a moment. I’ve been called a lot of things in my day. Cruel has never been one of them.
An eery feeling of calmness suddenly came over my body.
“ Donna let me explain to you what cruel is. Somewhere along the line you got shit twisted. Cruel is knowing a man is married and still deciding to spread your legs and fuck him anyway. Cruel is having that man’s wife come to you like a woman. A woman that’s honestly telling you she is in love with her husband and wanting to save her marriage. Asking you to leave him alone, and having a whore…that would be you,tell me to my face to get over it you’re in love with him and you want him. That’s cruel Donna. Cruel is to see another woman fighting for her marriage…her marriage not some fuck and to have another woman look at you like you don’t mean shit. Like I’m bothering you. That’s cruel. So tell me…how does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot. You’re begging me to leave your baby daddy alone so that your child can have a happy home life. Sorry bitch your kid may have to take one for the team. He,she or it can blame you.”
Dead silence.

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