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aka Ms. Bam

February 10, 2016


All aspects of it.Online and in my day to day life.

Release Delay!

Sorry for the delay of Love Locked Down 2 ! I’ve had a few things come up that have delayed the release but it’s coming soon. ( I know,I know,you’ve heard that before- but really,it is! ) I called myself being Superwoman and moving a chest and I sprained my neck! So I’ve been kind of laid up popping ibuprofen and with icy hot patches on my neck! Go ahead and Tweet & Share It!Tweet

ParkCrest View- The Love Chronicles

  ParkCrest View – The Love Chronicles 72,545 Words NOT including excerpts and other book previews. Approximately 245 Kindle pages. Step into the lives of the residents at the ParkCrest View. There’s more drama going on with the people living here than you could ever imagine. Meet our resident Jazzlyn a young teacher trying to make the most of her relationship with her first love and boyfriend of four years Darien.Jazzlyn is finding out first hand that all that glitters isn’t gold. There’s more to a relationship than having a good looking man on your arm.With an otherwise perfect lifeRead more

Love Locked Down

  Part 1 of a 2 part series. Dana Majors is an up and coming fashion designer with all eyes on her. The best thing about it is she hasn’t even finished design school yet, and she never will if her fathers new girlfriend has anything to say about it. Months before graduating the rug is pulled from under her. That is until an unlikely ally is willing to pave…and pay the way for her to chase her dreams. The only problem is her unlikely benefactor is her closest friends brother. Terrence Hill is also an inmate at Sampson StateRead more

Ballad Of A Bad Bitch

  Since every song tells a story, the entire world is about to learn about the sadness and pain behind rising R&B artist Mia King. Even being on the run from her past couldn’t diminish the star she was meant to be. Mia learned the hard way that the family you were born into could be your greatest downfall, and that true die-hard fans are more than the people who buy your music and stand in line for your concerts… They can literally save your life and be the family you always wished you had. Purchase Ballad Of A BadRead more

Hoes Be Winning

  “Hoes be winning” at least that’s what they say anyway. This was Meka’s motto and creed she lived by. She figured why play into that goodie two shoes bullshit when good girls always end up on the bottom anyway. Fuck what you heard , what’s good for a man is damn sure good as hell for a woman as well. These niggas out here were living by one rule only “money over bitches”. Why the hell should she be the one who gave a fuck? Now if only she could convince her girl Nicole to be bout that life.Read more

Soul Cry

  After years of being in a passionate yet ultimately unfulfilling relationship with her boyfriend of ten years,Amina Johnson has had enough. After three engagement rings and no wedding on the horizon Amina has packed her bags. While relocating to a new state to start over Amina forges an unlikely friendship with two women who end up being just the friends she so desperately needs. Amina will soon find ending her long term relationship isn’t going to be as easy as she’d once thought when deception is involved and women she thought were friends have been waiting in the wingsRead more

Book Series

  Jump into one of A.N.C. Media Publishing’s series ! All most are also enrolled in KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited which allows you to read at a nominal price! ParkCrest View- The Love Chronicles Hoes Be Winning Soul Cry Ballad Of A Bad Bitch Love Locked Down * A few titles have yet to be released!     Go ahead and Tweet & Share It!Tweet

Watch Over Me

Copyright © 2012 By Candace Mumford and A.N.C. Media Publishing This book is purely a work of fiction. The names,characters,places and incidents contained within this body of work are not related to or portraying anyone living or dead. Any similarities are purely coincidental. All rights are reserved. No parts of this Book may be copied, transmitted ,used or sold without the written permission of the Author Candace Mumford or publishing company A.N.C. Media Publishing. The only exception to this clause are Book Samples which are provided for you at various online retailers and from the Author Candace Mumford and A.N.C.Read more

December 2015 Release

    Happy Holidays From A.N.C. Media Publishing Any release delays will be updated here and on Facebook! Go ahead and Tweet & Share It!Tweet

February 2016 Releases

    October is going to be a busy month at A.N.C. Media Publishing! All books will be released at various times during the month of February if not sooner! Any release delays will be updated here and on Facebook!   Go ahead and Tweet & Share It!Tweet