So I was asked…

if all I write are books about interracial relationships ? That was part one,the second part was who do I personally date.

Can we say nosy? ( Why yes we can! ) But I decided to answer here on my blog because I’m sure it’s a question some have wondered. Many of my readers are friends of mine on Facebook and there isn’t much I hide there. Everything is open for the world to see…with the exception of one folder with pictures of my kids I think. You see me post pictures of men I think are good looking.

So let’s put it this way.Plain and simple I like MEN! I’m heterosexual. So if you’re a man that I find attractive I’m looking. Period.

The short stories and novelettes available out right now do have white males as lead characters BUT stay tuned ! I have a lot of projects in the works and not all of them are interracial romance. I personally don’t subscribe to racial preferences. In my personal life or my writing. Though I realize that some men and women do. That is their right. I’m not judging. I just happen to think variety is the spice of life. I’ve lived long enough to know for a fact that there is no one race exempt from doing anything…be it good OR bad.

Now let’s just say for instance here:

I’ve seen black men AND women say they date white men/women because of a plethora of reasons as if they can do no wrong.( Side Note : I find this VERY irritating….how about just saying that’s who you like ? Instead of having to put another race down to justify your dating preferences?) Are you kidding me ? Do you know how many same race relationships are dealing with bullshit from their mates? How many white women are holding down households because their man isn’t ? How could you ever think that ?

The same goes with thinking there are no positive black couples. There are…lots of them!

I think far too many times though men and women don’t truly acknowledge the bad dating decision they’ve made. So it’s easier to scapegoat. Look within!

So in a nutshell,stick around you’ll see all sorts of characters from me. I understand if you have a reading preference. I try to be very clear in my listings. Even down to word counts. You can look on the book covers and I’ll definitely make a point to let you know in the product descriptions. Though I will say this..what does it matter as long as you enjoy the story ?

Last but not least I will NEVER choose between Idris and Channing! NEVER,EVER,EVER!

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